Do You Need a Personal Assistant?

If you are an independent consultant, coach, professional speaker, writer, startup CEO, or even a mumpreneur it is highly probable that you DO need a Virtual Assistant!

You want to free the time spent on menial tasks to focus your energy, attention and creativity on your passion, your business, your product, yourself or your family.

Here is where a Virtual Assistant comes in...A professional, dedicate and efficient individual that will take those menial tasks from you and under your guidelines deliver back a high quality outcome.

It is believed that everyone needs a mentor, a coach or an accountability partner to improve their success rate.

I go further and say that everyone needs an Assistant because...

... if you do not have an admin, you are the admin!

Who could you be with a Virtual Assistant?

Sofia Araujo

Clients Reviews

Highly recommended! Sofia is great in what she does. Very motivated, strong and positive person!

Dovile Baste

Retail Assistant Manager

Sofia is a conscientious worker who takes pride in all areas of her work. Sofia continuously gives 110%, she is a very determined person and is self motivated to succeed by showing initiative and being proactive.

Emma Young

Retail Area Manager
My Skills

Why Choose Me

A skilled personal assistant is an absolute savior for a business owner.

I have vast experience in administrative tasks as part of my senior management career, hold a degree, several management/ administration qualifications and am a super-fast learner so do not be surprised if I catch on faster than you expect!

I am a native Portuguese speaker and all my services are available in Portuguese and English.

I am a mother, an entrepeneur, a professional and an advocate for women empowerment and female businesses.

I know you understand that I can’t work in your office or meet you for a coffee, as my business is virtual, but I am just one click away.

Sofia Araujo

Communication Skills
Organisational skills
Time Management
Business Writing
Social Media Strategy & Management

I am Ready for Your Enquiries!



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