General Terms:

1. Araujo VA, I , We are terms used to represent the service provider or someone acting in their behalf.

2. Client is used to represent the individual, group or company that enters a business agreement with the service provider.

3. Hourly paid work is any work that is taken and paid on a pay as you go basis.

4. Retainer plan is a plan that offers a set amount of hours for a fixed priced on a ongoing basis.

Service Terms:

1. Consultations and quotations are free and are carried out by email, videocall or telephone.

2. Work can be accepted from the client by email, videocall or telephone.

3. For larger projects a time frame will be negotiated with the client.

4. A signed contract is required before commencement of work. This indicates clients acceptance of our terms and conditions.

5. Work will be presented using Microsoft Office applications.

6. All work carried out by us will be proof-read, however final proof-reading of the work lies with the client and any errors notified within 48 hours of receipt will be corrected free of charge.                6.1. After 48 hours it shall be deemed that the work has been accepted as free of errors and omissions and the VA will accept no liability or loss arising from the performance of any services carried out under the agreement.                                                                                                       6.1.2. Errors or omissions reported after 48 hours will still be corrected but the additional time spent will be charged to client.

7. We do not accept liability or responsibility for the end use of any documents or materials produced or edited by us on behalf of the client.

8. Although every effort will be made to ensure reliable service, in event of equipment failure, Araujo VA cannot be held liable for any loss of information.

9.Araujo VA reserves the right to reject any work, including work which we believe to be unlawful or immoral.

Payment Terms:

1. All invoices and payments to be made in Pounds Sterling (£/GBP). It is the clients responsibility to ensure the correct currency exchange and cover any foreign transactions fees if/when paying/transferring monies to cover an invoice.

2. Payments can be made by bank transfer.

3. Hourly rate work must be paid for in advance. Work will start after cleared funds.

4. Retainer plans are to be paid at the end of the calendar month. Work is carried on a 4 weeks system , from the 1st to the 28th, and invoices are sent out in between the 28th and the last day of the month. Work started other than the 1st of the month will be billed pro rata for the first month and full invoice thereafter.

5. There is a strict 7 day payment term. If payment is not received within the 7 days from the date of the invoice, the client will incur a late fee charge of £50.
5.1. Invoices overdue by 14 days will result on services suspension due to non-payment…
5.1.2. Invoices overdue by 30 days will result in interest charges (at the rate of 10%) for the total outstanding per month. All costs incurred in trying to recover unpaid work will result on the costs being added to the client’s account.

6. Any additional costs incurred, for example international telephone calls, line rental, specific stationery costs, reservation or card fees will be added to the clients invoice as “Additional Expenses”.

7. Unused hours cannot be carried over to subsequent months.

8. All charges will be reviewed on 1st January of each year and clients will be notified of any new charges in writing

Cancellations/Refunds Terms:

1. Hourly rate work window will be valid for 4 weeks from the date of the first request for services. The first request for services must be made within 2 weeks of the date of payment. If no work is handed after 4 weeks and 1 days the work will be considered closed and no refunds will be made.

2. All hourly rate work can be cancelled with written notice before any work has started.

2.1 Any late cancellation of work will incur a £30.00 administration fee (24 hours’ notice required).

2.1.2 Fees will be refunded in the following 2 (two) working days minus any required adjustment.

3. After work has started there will be possible to refund the fees paid even if the clients stop sending work tasks or no long require the service.

3.1 It is Araujo VA discretion to refund any monies for cancelled work or offer alternative work arrangements if there are exceptional circumstances where it was not feasible to receive the appropriate cancellation notice.

4. In the event that Araujo VA cannot start the work when expected or needs to adjust the work completion timeframe the clients will be offered a refund if there is not a suitable working alternative.

5.Retainer plans – 3 month initial contract with one (1) month’s written notice and payment to cancel agreement.

5.1 After that the retainer plan can be cancelled with two (2) months’ written notice and payment.

5.1.2. Notice period monies are to be paid and the working hours made available to the client even if the client chooses not to use those hours.

5.1.3 All cancelled Retainer plans outstanding monies are to be paid within 24 hours of the date of the written notice to cancel.

6. All clients on a retainer plan will be given 2 (two) months written notice if Araujo VA cannot carry on fulfilling the business agreement.

7.AraujoVA reserves the right to cancel any hourly services or retainers plans with immediate effect if the clients services, actions, behaviours or communications are deemede an an illegal, immoral or objectionable conduct.

8. All clients (hourly and retainer) are made aware that Araujo VA takes annual leave from the 1st to 31st August and therefore no work is carried on or invoiced in this month.

9. Agreement to enter into a business partnership with Araujo VA is an acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and accept this Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Terms:

1. Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

2. No information will be made available to any third party.

3. All work will be kept on file for a period of 12 months. After this time, work will be deleted unless specifically instructed.

4. We aim to communicate with you by such methods as you may reasonably request. You may need to virus check electronic media and emails as, although we take reasonable precautions, we cannot guarantee that all electronic data is virus free. We will communicate with you and others when appropriate by email, but we cannot be responsible for the security of correspondence and documents sent by email. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you give informed consent to enable us to communicate with you on confidential matters by email, unless you have asked us not to do so.

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