A Virtual Assistant is the same as a personal assistant or an office administrator providing administrative support to business and individuals. The main difference is that they are self-employed and work remotely.

Every business has a lot of behind the scenes tasks that need to be done so everything runs smoothly and the business can perform well. Usually we are not aware of how much details and procedures are important until something goes wrong. It is vital to have the right back of house support and here is where a Virtual Assistant can save the day.

Let’s look at 5 Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

1. Quality work

A VA is an experienced professional used to do administrative tasks and organisational procedures and can do all the tasks you need in the most time efficient way. She already have a system in place and has done these tasks thousands of time. The VA will be on top of the latest programs and will always train to improve her on skills.

2. Time-saving

Unless you are an Administrative Assistant yourself and love to do menial tasks there is a high probability that a VA can do those tasks better and faster than you can. On the other hand, delegating the small tasks can leave you free to run your business. Imagine a ship captain that fails to see an obstacle as he is busy scrubbing the deck…

3. Expenses Reduction

A business can save money by using a VA as they self-employed professionals who work remotely form their own office or home. They are in charge of their own taxes, national insurance contributions, holidays and sick leave. You will not have to maintain full-time employee, an office space or office supplies.

4. Personalised Support

You can have a personalized service that will meet you and your business needs. Most entrepeneurs do not follow a set working pattern, this might be because they are employees for another business, have different businesses or travel frequently. It is sometimes hard to get support on the go. A VA can adjust to these scenarios easier than a office based assistant.

5. Mental space

More giving you back your time so you can focus on running your business your VA support will help de clutter your mind. You need silence in order to allow those creative spurts to come to you and you cannot do that if your mind keeps running up and down that to do list.

Most of the time we want to have input in every bit of our businesses and scatter our energy, talent and time all around. In order to focus on the business vision entrepeneurs need to be able to prioritise and delegate like any other working structure.

Which tasks to you find harder to delegate?

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